Sunday, May 24, 2015

Once again I'm sorry I've been busy.

Once again I've been very busy this week. To let you all know what's happening I'm moving. I'm not moving now but, what I've been helping with fixing up this new house were moving into. Also been on a job hunt for a while now. In the mean time I've cut some lawns and cleaned some gutters to make money. I've had to spend some of it on things like food and gas for my car, but I've also put some money into working on a youtube channel. Just recently I've bought both a microphone and pop filter.

Also just letting the pride know a new series of posts is coming up soon called episodous were I review episodes of cartoons. Stay tuned until next time peace, love, and hair-grease!

P.S. Still working on both Bucky o'hare and Delgo reviews. I hope you all can forgive me for these last two weeks I've been very busy. I'm very sorry. Some smaller post are coming very soon. I wrote this because I feel I need to update everyone following this blog.

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