Cartoon Impressions #17: Steven Universe

Cartoon Impressions is based on my personal impressions of various cartoons. 
This gives more weight to my own opinion. If you don’t like what’s said or written in this series, understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

It feels good to take a break from all the garbage you find in the animation industry and watch something that's just plain awesome. Enter Steven Universe, a cartoon that centers around Steven Universe, a kid with spunk and a lot of charm. You don't get to experience shows like Steven Universe every year. Well. of course we do now with shows like this show, Adventure time, MLP, etc, all challenging the boundaries of kid shows. Its shows like Steven Universe that shows us how far the kids show has actually come. Steven Universe has some great themes like homosexual relationships, the simplicity of childhood, and the unconventional dynamics of family. This show not only has great themes but also comes with an amazing art direction, which is thanks to Ian-Jones Quartey and Kevin Dart. All these elements are wrapped together with not only some impressive writing but some great storyboard work from the crew. If I had to say anything bad about Steven Universe it would be 2 things. One the animation in this show tries too hard to be anime. The show's fine with standard television grade animation. It doesn't need to try to be the next Avatar the last airbender or the legend of Korra to be amazing it already is. Two this show tries to hard to be anime. I know this show tries to take inspiration from Studio Ghibi and anime. This destroys part of the enjoyment for me because this shows me the crew behind the show doesn't know enough about anime and manga as a whole to even start using it as a good source of inspiration. This problem also unfortunately melts into the animation, making the end result look like a mixture between Hayao Miyazaki and Hanna-Barbera. Which doesn't look appealing in my opinion. Even with these two complaints I have this is still a great show. I love Steven Universe. This show is so well-written, and well drawn that it's name will be remembered for generations, so my grade should be obvious.

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I send you all off with some amazing Steven Universe fan-art by the talented Bleedman click the pic to visit his Deviantart page.

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