M2¢ #7: IMDB sucks!

My 2¢ is a series were I discuss various things that comes to mind.
As fair warning this is 100% my opinion.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions I don't think IMDB completely sucks. I just feel the site has it's fair share of flaws. First let me start off by pointing out some positives. IMDB is a great source of information for film. You can find many talented individuals on IMDB. It's a good place to get noticed for your work. If your need information on production companies, and actors look no farther then IMDB. Now let me talk about the bad stuff. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes were it splits the movie rating into two ratings, the critic rating and the audience rating. IMDB sadly compiles both ratings into one rating. Some of you may be asking how is this a bad thing? Well let me break it to you like this. This means that people can up vote a show even if it's bad. Too many people up voting it can raise the rating. Here's some examples below.

If you looked at all these images I took you might be shocked, especially when you look at both Superjail! and Mr.Pickles (Which is probably the worst cartoons of today.). My point is IMDB may be a good source for information on films, but it's not a reliable source for ratings. Do you like IMDB do you disagree with the things I said. Tell me what you think in the comments. Also follow me on Twitter for my latest shenanigans. Until next time peace, love, and hair-grease.

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