Cartoon Impressions #12: 12oz Mouse

Cartoon Impressions is based on my personal impressions of various cartoons. 
This gives more weight to my own opinion. If you don’t like what’s said or written in this series, understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I am awed! I'm awed that a cartoon like this could possibly exist!  This show gives you no story, no conflict, nor even an ounce of character. 12oz Mouse is the most soullessly bad show I've ever seen. All I can say is this show has no passion in it. This show contains absolutely no thought or effort or maybe as little as animated television will allow. I know I sound like a broken record right now but there isn't really much to say. This cartoon raises so many questions like how did the pitch meeting for this cartoon go. I know in the animation industry when pitching a cartoon sometimes your salesmanship goes further than your skill of the craft, but with the way this cartoon looks I highly doubt the creator even submitted something of value. What was the pitch board a bunch of squares with stick figures on them. If this cartoon shows anything, it's that Adult Swim will sink to new depths for a TV show. It's pretty depressing when you think about it. If you think your living under a rock because you haven't seen or heard of this show, let me tell you it's a rock worth living under.

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