M2¢ #2: OMG! Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey aren't from Calarts! O_O

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I can't believe people thought both Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey went to Calarts. I think the more confusing thing is that people think you need to go to Calarts to be successful in the animation industry. Calarts or the California Institute of Arts is a school founded by the one and only Walt Disney himself. Many great animators came from Calarts. Notable Alumni includes Tim Burton, Tony Bancroft, Brad Bird, Lauren Faust, Chris Bailey, Glen Keane, Arlene Klasky, John Lasseter, Butch Hartman, Stephen Hillenburg, Alex Hirsh, Craig McCracken, J.G. Quintel, Paul Rudish, Pendleton Ward, Genndy Tartakovsky, and many more. Though Calarts has made many cream of the crop animators, you don't have to go to Calarts to break into the animation industry.  I know this might sound crazy but, you don't even need to go to college, university, or an art school to break into the film industry. I'll talk about this later in a later post, but for now let's talk about both Rebecca and Ian.

There's a saying I like to say for animators like Ian and Rebecca. For every Craig McCracken and Genndy Tartakovsky, there's a Paul Rudish (Rebecca would be Genndy Tartakovsky, Ian would be Paul Rudish). Ian and Rebecca are very talented animators.They both graduated from SVA or the school of visual arts in New York. Not only were they classmates but they worked together on some of their student films. Here are some links to some of their student films.

Ian Jones-Quartey
Ian Jones-Quartey Demo Reel 2010
nockForce Animation Block Party
Sprout vs. the Gang

Rebecca Sugar
Green Grassface
Sugar Frosted Boukas
Cartoon Brew discusses Rebecca Sugar's Singles

Ian's Blog

If you want to find out Ian's feelings toward being labeled a Calarts grad read the article below.

L.A. Animation Artist Tired of Explaining To Fans He Didn’t Attend CalArts

For the next Cartoon Impressions I will discuss a short that's been picked up for a series by Nick.

For the first Rip'em a NU-1, a comic brought to you by the company that published Scott Pilgrim.

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