Cartoon Impressions #8: The Amazing World of Gumball

Cartoon Impressions is based on my personal impressions of various cartoons. 
This gives more weight to my own opinion. If you don’t like what’s said or written in this series, understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

What can I say, I love "The Amazing World of Gumball"! When I first saw the commercial for this show I didn't know what to expect. Now that I've seen this show I can easily say without a doubt, that this is my favorite Cartoon Network show. The show has great animation using many techniques, like CG, Digital, Traditional, and Stop-Motion. The shows not just pretty to look at, it's also a great comedy. This show is filled to the rim with jokes and tons of slapstick. This show gets funnier with each episode. I advise anyone to watch this show from episode one, to get the full experience. There's also an interesting amount of character in this show. I'm not saying the character's are complex in a dramatic sense, but there is an interesting amount of things to learn about each character. I don't want to spoil too much, for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet, but there's a lot to learn. What's Gumball's real name, Why Richard can't have a job, or what's inside Penny's shell are only examples of the kind of episodes you'll see. I don't think I can recommend this show enough. I can ensure you that if you watch this show you'll definitely find something you'll enjoy.

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