Unsung Heroes #10: Eric Homan

One of my favorite animation studios is Frederator. They've produced many of my favorite cartoons. Some of these cartoons being My Life as a Teenage Robot, Chalkzone, Fairly Oddparents, and many other cartoons. Eric Homan is the creative executive behind Frederator cartoons. He has a lot of notable work under his belt. He was actually a creative executive at Hanna-Barbera. Check out a brief summary of his accomplishments by clicking the link right here. Adventure Time fans should be grateful this guy works at Frederator. Fred Seibert himself almost rejected the idea for Adventure Time. It was Eric Homan here who changed Fred's mind. Please checkout more post I've done also please share and comment on this post. Until next time my internet Brothas and Sistas peace love and hair-grease!

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