Toonsmash #3: Arthur Christmas

Toonsmash is a review series. It is based on a series of analytic opinions.
If you don’t like or disagree with the things your reading or hearing.
Your always entitled to your own opinion.

First off I want to say sorry. I'm sorry this review isn't on time for Christmas. I've been very busy around Christmas this year. I had a lot of things I helped my family with this Christmas. I see a lot more people have subscribed to this blog, that makes me happy. I hope you all can forgive me. Let's get on with the review, you guys didn't come here to listen to me apologize all day. What can I say about Arthur Christmas outside of the fact it's good? So good in fact that I can't give you a full review at the risk of spoilers. I really want you to see this for yourself. The movie follows Arthur the son of Santa Klaus, who in this movie runs an entire present delivering operation. You may think when I say Santa runs an entire present delivering operation, you think he already does in the traditional sense, think again.
This Santa comes equipped with a whole Elvin army!
Santa has two sons Arthur and Steve. Steve is the brains of the operation, he keeps things organized. Arthur handles all the letters from the kids of the world, making sure all the children of the world get the right gifts. The overall plot is this, Santa and his crew have delivered all the presents to all the boys and girls of the world, except for one child. Everything seems like another well received Christmas, but what about the last child. Arthur notices one gift is undelivered, so he tells his brother Steve who attempts to sweep it under the rug and says they'll deliver the gift tomorrow. In another scene Arthur tells his grandfather the last Santa Klaus the problem. He then shows Arthur the old X-mas sleigh Eve. Along with Bryony they fly off to deliver the last X-mas present. This is a very well-written Christmas movie. The main characters each have an arc that's both tightly written and satisfying. Once again I don't want to spoil these arcs for you so please check them out yourselves. The only negative thing I feel I need to address in this movie is the alien subplot. This subplot was completely unnecessary and doesn't mesh while with the rest of the movie. This one flaw aside, this movie is a masterpiece that can be held right next to such Christmas gems like Charlie Brown, the Grinch that stole Christmas, and debatably Tokyo Godfather.  

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