Toonsmash #2: Cat Shit One

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Cat Shit One is a mini anime movie or ONA (Original Net Animation) adapted from Motofumi Kobayashi’s manga of the same name until it was changed to Apocalypse Meow. The movie follows Packy and Botasky who are members of a private military company. In the movie they’re somewhere in a desert region in the middle east, on a rescue mission to save there comrades. Due to circumstances beyond their control they must enter combat immediately. Cat Shit One was produced by Anima inc. and was the first directional work of Kazuya Sasahara. This movie has a weird name. With a name like Cat Shit One, I don’t think any Film goer, Animation fan, or Otaku knows what they’re getting into. After you watch this movie you might be surprised because, you might actually enjoy this movie, I know I did. This movie is an interesting concept. Theirs a lot of conflict and tension like any other good war film (Even though the characters are cartoon animals). You really want to see these guys pull thru and accomplish their mission. The animation is astonishing for eastern grade CG animation. The CG animation still isn’t on Parr with CG animation in America but, it’s the best I’ve seen so far from Japan (Not in the East because of Light Chasers Animation Studio). This anime is truly a gem to behold in the anime industry. If I have to say anything bad about this anime is that the motion capture can be very distracting at times. The Japanese animation industry needs to learn that motion capture is not for animating characters. It’s for adding a more realistic touch to CG models (Example: Pirates of the Caribbean’s Un-dead Pirates). I heard this was planned to become a series of 12 episodes. If this ONA becomes a series I’ll definitely be excited to watch it.With the one problem aside I think almost anybody is not everybody can find some kind of enjoyment in Cat Shit One. If you like this anime and want to see a series of this, remember please support it by buying the manga and the movie. I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my Bucky o’hare comic review. Also please help this site out by sharing these posts on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc. Please feel free to comment on this post all comment are appreciated.  Until next time peace love and hair grease.

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