Unsung Heroes #9: Fujio Akatsuka

Today's Unsung Hero is a pioneer of comical manga his name Fujio Akatsuka! He started drawing manga while he was working in a chemical factory. Afterwards he was soon picked up as a manga artist for shojo. He continued his work until he serialized Nama-chan in 1958. Nama-chan became a hit so Fujio decided to specialize in comical manga. Since then he has created many manga series. Outside of Nama-chan he made Tensai Bakabon, and Himitsu no Akko-chan. I thought I should talk about some gag manga. Gag manga is one of those lesser known genres to us out here in the states. The closest manga we know to this is Sgt.Frog, Shin-chan, and Bobobo. You always hear people talk about the shonen and shojo genres of manga, but you don't hear enough people talking about seinin, josei, gekiga, or gag manga. Click the links below to learn more about Fujio Akatsuka. Please spread the word of this blog on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or any other social media network. It would be very much appreciated. Until next time my internet brothas and sistas peace, love, and hair grease. 

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