Cartoon Impressions #14: Black Dynamite

Cartoon Impressions is based on my personal impressions of various cartoons. 
This gives more weight to my own opinion. If you don’t like what’s said or written in this series, understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Animated blaxploitation, why wasn't this done before? Probably because no one could properly execute it, or the show if brought to the public too early would have been ahead of it's time. Black Dynamite is a show for those who want to take a break from all the drama and comedy. You watch this show just to kick back and watch some over the top action and fight scenes. If you don't like some exploitation films here and there, this show may not be for you. Personally I like this show with the exception of two episodes. This show is nothing special for the books but if you like over the top action and exploitation you may like Black Dynamite. To bad Black Dynamite won't have a third season.

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