M2¢ #5: Hayao Miyazaki is not japan's Walt Disney equivalent!

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As fair warning this is 100% my opinion.

I heard many people say that Hayao Miyazaki is the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney. Even Animation Career Review said that he was the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney. Well let me brake it to all of you, you're all wrong. Don't get me wrong, Hayao Miyazaki is a very talented animator and animation director. Not many can even acquire half of the talent that Mr. Miyazaki possesses. Now let me get to the more informative end of this post. First off when we compare the achievements of both Walt Disney and Hayao Miyazaki, we find some differences. When you look into Walt Disney he was an animator, but he also was a business man and a cartoonist. Hayao Miyazaki definitely has the animator thing down. Also he has done some manga, most notably his adaptation of Puss and Boots. He also co-founded Studio Ghibli with Isao Takahata. By the information I've given, you'd probably be thinking well he's done a lot of the same stuff as Walt Disney, so surely he must be the equivalent of Walt Disney. Secondly If you take a good look at the history of anime. Hayao Miyazaki hasn't made the biggest impact on the industry. Now before you start to rage hear me out. I said Hayao Miyazaki wasn't the biggest impact on the industry, meaning some one or some people had a much bigger impact. For some of you I think you know who I'm about to name. The one the only Osamu Tezuka
When anime first started out it wasn't the anime we know and love today. Some were heavily Japanese culture influenced and some even copied American Cartoons. Some of these films were Kumo to TulipMomotarō no Umiwashi, NorakuroChikara to Onna no Yo no Naka, etc. The market of Japanese cartoons struggled to gain main stream recognition until Osamu Tezuka came along. Osamu Tezuka kick started anime into what it is today. He started his career in college, as a manga artist he wondered if he should continue his career in manga, so Osamu Tezuka asked his mother. At the time a career as a Manga artist, was not a favorable career choice. His mother said "You should do the thing you like most of all." Since them Osamu Tezuka finished his degree and became a fully certified Doctor. Did he stop manga? Of course not, he continued to create more series like Kimba and white lion, Black Jack (A series where he used a lot of his scientific knowledge to write.), Astro boy (His most popular work sold over 100 million copies. ), and many more. Osamu Tezuka also founded Mushi Productions. He and many others animated Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Dororo, Princess Knight, and many other productions. Osamu Tezuka's character designs are heavily inspired by American cartoons like Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse. Osamu Tezuka is highly regarded to be the God Father or God of Manga and Anime because he kick started the industry into what it is today. I could go more into the history and achievements of Osamu Tezuka but, then this entry would be 50 pages long.  Hayao Miyazaki is a talented animator and director, but he's not the japanese equivalent to Walt Disney. Osamu Tezuka is said to hold that place, in anime history. If you personally want to learn more about Osamu Tezuka please check out his biography Art of Osamu Tezuka God of Manga. 

I hope you all like this post. I also hope it makes up for the lack of posts lately. I've been very busy. I promise I'll have more content coming to you real soon. Please comment and like this post, spread the word. Until next time pride peace, love, and hair grease.

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