Cartoon Impressions #4: Wander over Yander

Cartoon Impressions is based on my personal impressions of various cartoons. 
This gives more weight to my own opinion. If you don’t like what’s said or written in this series,understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

An epic Wander Over Yonder pic

Today I'll give you two impressions for the price of one, (Which last time I checked was free) here is my impression of Disney's TV show Wander over Yonder. I love wander over yonder from it's art to it's writing. The follows two characters Wander and Sylvia as they travel the galaxy spreading good deeds, and thwarting the plans of lord hater. When I first heard of this show, created by Craig McCracken (Creator of  shows like Powerpuff girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)I was excited. As I watched the first episode I wasn't disappointed. So much creativity and energy oozes from this cartoon. The cartoon felt like all of Craig McCracken's past animated works got pumped into this show. This show was a blast, and a true testament to Craig McCracken's skill as a animator.

Cartoon Impression Grade


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For the next Toonsmash and Rip'em a new one, he's green, with buck teeth, he's a rabbit traveling through space.

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