Cartoon Impressions #1: Earmouse and Bottle

Cartoon Impressions is based on my personal impressions of various cartoons. 
This gives more weight to my own opinion. If you don’t like what’s said or written in this series,understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions

Hey, everybody welcome to Pridetoons! I hope you enjoy the posts I've made on my blog. As the people reading know Cartoon Impressions is going to discuss my overall impression of whatever cartoon I discuss and give you my opinion and thoughts of what I've seen. Today I will be talking about the short produced by nickelodeons in-house animation studio called Earmouse and Bottle. My thoughts are kinda mixed on this cartoon. I really like the art direction it doesn't cut any corners it looks and feels like a regular nicktoon. The animation though may need some fine tuning here and there has a lot of potential. The animation I see in this cartoon can almost rival the animation we get from overseas production in Korea, to northern production in Canada. The animation in this alone squashes any doubt that our animators here in the states don't contain the capacity to craft good 2D animation. Doubt created by shows like Superjail!, Mr. Pickles, Squidbilles, 12oz Mouse, etc. Now to talk about the bad, like I said before this is kinda a mixed impression. See though the art and animation done in this short has a lot of potential and is done well, if this were to be an actual cartoon on TV the writing needs to be fine tuned. In this short the scenario was something you'd find in a 5 to 8 min episode after it got picked up for a television series. The show didn't do a good job selling the characters Earmouse and Bottle nor the villain. This short needed a more simple yet complex scenario, one that sales both the premise and characters with in the 3 min time frame. If this was supposed to be a pilot it fails. The main focus of a pilot is to sale both the main characters, concept, and overall idea and feel that the show has to offer. On the fronts of art and animation this idea has great potential, but when it comes to writing this idea needs fine tuning. Almost any concept for a cartoon can work, but it takes good craftsmanship and hard work to pull it off.

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If your interested in seeing the cartoon yourself  click the link below.

Earmouse and Bottle


  1. I really enjoyed the art style, and I was really fond of the wizard. Everything he did and everything about him was gold.

  2. I also liked both the animation and art style. I feel this concept could really be something with some work.