M2¢ #3: Japanese Animators got it hard!

My 2¢ is a series were I discuss various things that comes to mind.
As fair warning this is 100% my opinion.

Hey pride let's face it Japanese animators got it tough. They have to work long hours, getting paid peanuts and egg shells every year. Our animators and animation artist out here in the states get paid way more than they do. It's ridiculous how the executives at these studios pay their workers that much. It should be a crime to pay them the amount they do. Japanese animators get paid 1 million yen a year. Does this sound like a lot of money to you? Well, this isn't a lot of money. 1 million yen roughly is (At the time I'm writing this article.) 8350 US dollars or 7653 Euros. I can't believe the animators there have to live off that much. How do they do it? I know many animators from America that went to japan. They improved their skills tenfold, but is it truly worth it to go out to japan for work. This has been a reoccurring problem for years. Hopefully this problem doesn't go on much longer. Thankfully there is an association called the Japanese Animation Creators Association or JAniCA for short. Their trying to combat the problems in the Japanese Animation Industry. The question is can they do something to help with these problems? Please tell me what you all think about this. Also be please share this on twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. Please click the articles below to find out more about this predicament some articles are old but they still get my point across.

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Animators in Japan paid an average of $11,600 (around 1 million yen) per year

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